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超女朋友感觉 莞式一条龙 冰火两重天 欢迎预约
超女朋友感觉 莞式一条龙 冰火两重天 欢迎预约1

Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : 佳佳 Jia Jia 【1149号】

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 38C

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Apartment 公寓

$140/1Shot 1次/60mins FJ


8657 1247

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



新时代的诞生  大家可以选择新的产物 陌陌时代  带给你不同的人生


       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2021-04-14 14:32西毒 Says:
2021-04-05 14:07Boobs lover Says:
Booked today at 12.30pm. Late went up due to have customer. But fgive her coz have some of ppl arrive late her arrangement all mess up.
Overall is excellent. Boobs a bit saggy but was fine to me, very soft n nice grab. Request a boobs fxck and she did. Amazing!
RTF - Yes
2021-04-02 19:12Descartes Says:
这姐姐超温柔 口活做爱满分 是我在这边约到的最好的一个
2021-03-30 14:15wolfking Says:
took a leap of faith and book her today. Place is easy to find. This girl has a pair of super big and milky white breasts (should be E cups). Nipples are pink in colour. Her skin is very fair. She is young and I must say that overall is a good package. Her butts are nice to fxxk too. Her place is very clean and big. Overall I have a very good time eating those milky white huge breasts. They are a wonder to behold. Accommodating too and patient. Willing to fxxk in different positions. She is overall kind and polite also. Honoured to be the first to leave a cumment and hopefully and admin will publish.
2021-03-30 13:18小红点 Says:
2021-03-30 11:09Fullyloadedmk Says:
Just tried out this lady few days back. Here is my Humble FR......

Age: Might be able 30. Young MILF. Still lookable.
Boob: Cup D Bigger. So far hers is one of my favite in term of size and shape.

Services wise is good and willing to please. Even there is mobile ringing during our session, she did not picked up the call which i personally dont like that.
2021-03-28 23:46俊哥哥 Says:

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