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Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : 高妹 Gao Mei【4720号】

Age 年龄 : 27 Years Old

Height 身高 : 163cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36B

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Novena 诺维娜

$140/1Shot 1次/60mins FJ

8146 4720

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



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       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2021-04-14 13:59法国红酒 Says:
2021-04-12 07:53qwerty Says:
2021-04-08 16:15Leeds Says:
2021-04-05 01:42tuweiqi Says:
Fget about her if you are a ex-regular visited her a few times. She has changed her attitude 360. Most likely have a few rich man suppting her.
2021-04-08 22:22Bob Says:
U raw her every single time? How much u pay her each time?
2021-04-08 21:33Poiy Says:
How many times u visited her? is ur last visit? She let u raw?
2021-04-06 23:46Pangzi Says:
Agree.At least befe she changed I’ve visited her so many times she allow me cim cof play sextoys and some me creampie.I felt satisfied edy.she is really nice lady f F that’s y rich man oso choose her
2021-03-29 16:59Leeds Says:
Service average, so-so only, must improve.rtf? Better not.
2021-03-29 16:03呢额我 Says:
2021-03-28 04:52心魔 Says:
I miss you...
Three thousands
2021-03-29 22:29Allan Says:
2021-03-28 22:32老公 Says:
2021-03-28 15:48qwerty Says:
2021-03-26 15:23客人 Says:
2021-03-22 07:51秋雪 Says:
妳的每一语不要上 祈祷我去不了这地方~
偏情色的言语 而我在干妳~
雀跃的鸟升起 隔着件外衣
阻挡我 秽液溅妳扑鼻
偏情色的言语 而我在干妳~
月事被打扰期 应该忍别急
2021-03-25 21:5022 Says:
this girl has STD
2021-02-23 19:18Ilove高weiwei Says:
It makes me feel that all my youth was wasted f having sex with her, this girl is so beautiful and full of feminine. Her voice penetrates my heart easily. I was amazed every time I meet her, and I was in joy I fced her to call me ‘hubby’. I was satisfied both physically and psychologically. I must have saved the galaxy in my previous life to meet her in this life. I hope you can stay here as long and safety as possible.

2021-02-13 23:41秋雪 Says:
曾经有一个温柔的女神放在我面前,我没有珍惜,等我失去的时候我才后悔莫及,人世间最痛苦的事莫过于此。如果上天能够给我一个再来一次的机会,我会对那个女神说三个字:我还要。如果非要在这次数上加上一个期限,我希望是…… 精尽人亡
2021-01-17 14:42Dickens Says:
2021-01-16 18:25粉丝 Says:
本来以为自己是个老嫖了 见过她才发现以前就是个处男 啥都没见识过
别的我就不多说了 自己体会吧
2021-01-12 23:49Dickens Says:
Best girl ever, fulfill all my fantasy. Sweet slim young pretty polite soft and great service. I fall f her. 如果我有你这神仙颜值,我特么走路都横着走。
2020-12-28 21:33老飞侠 Says:
Not interested to answer calls/sms,contacted her several times but don\t respond,my number no issue..probably gone back not keen in doing business anyme.
2020-12-17 14:41nswdbb Says:
Looks :8/10 (same as pic)
Body :Slim and hot, toned
Boobs :Natural A - B
Frenching : 10/10
BBBJ : 8/10
FJ : Above 8. (Not really used to FJ)
HJ. : 8/10
GFE :8/10
RTF/RTM : Hell yea..

Remarks (if any) :
Pretty and nice lady. same as her picture. Loved her body and smooth skin.

Didn\t shower since i did at home befe meeting her. She took off my clothes and i laid on the bed. (Might be a problem if you above 1.85..)

She gave me a simple back massage befe proceeding with a boobs massage with sensual licking. Same f the front.
Once done she begin with the BJ, heavenly~
Here comes the condom and we went cowgirl style. She was very seductive throughout, it was wth the try. But i just couldn\t release, so i switched to HJ, equally sensual.

Left a happy man.Bros won\t regret.

2020-12-16 10:02新漂 Says:
2020-12-13 16:02 Says:
是照片本人,对我而言服务态度都不错,因为是我的菜 会继续支持

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