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Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : 星辰 Xin Chen【1678号】

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 162cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34B

Room 包房


Hotel work 酒店开工

$110Massage/60mins +HJ

8766 4988

+658766 4988

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



新时代的诞生  大家可以选择新的产物 陌陌时代  带给你不同的人生


       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2021-04-15 17:09Lucas Says:
Visited xin chen on 11 April on a very last min notice. Lucky me that she have a available slot. She looks really like her photos. Would say 95% reassemble. Proceed with a quick shower. I told her that I am having a headache. She offer me a head massage which is really good. Small chat during massage and proceed with HJ. She is gentle and her voice is cute. Cum and she is in no hurry and clean up f me. Ask me to rest me as there is still 10min and the other bro is not here yet. Definitely will visit her again vitamin M returns!
2021-04-11 12:24Sean Says:
She is sweet and gentle,I have meet with her N times, she is a beautiful girl, the real person looks better than the photo, the massage technique is very good, massage does not look at the phone. recently moved to a hotel and was bullied...#Someone people saying that her bad, of course, nothing happened. Brothers take good care of her. Try it you will know.
2021-03-30 17:39Good Says:
Returned f the 4th time and she never fail to service me well. Has really solid gfe experience~ thanks
2021-03-28 09:18kns Says:
rept this girl
2021-03-28 08:16Shiok Says:
Yesterday met her the first time! Really love the teasing and massage. Very pretty, she is the same in her pictures. The environment is not bad also. Easily accessible. Will return to massage again
2021-03-21 23:11Jerry Says:
My third time return.Little Star has pretty face and not time watcher, Really fall in love with her service, make my whole body relax with her perfect skills. Trust me this is a must try if u r massage lover, I give 10/10
2021-03-19 00:25安安 Says:
好评 喜欢她的头发香水味
2021-03-16 02:51J Says:
Crazily good GFE feel with skills to back up! Honestly, I have not blew my load after so many ML and this takes the cake easily. Please treasure her well! Sweet lady
2021-03-14 10:33HH Says:
2021-03-14 10:32Hh Says:
2021-03-08 17:31就是你 Says:
She have a very bubbly character. Initially meet her. She dun talk much, after a few visit she starts to talks me. Attitude is very good. Always as me if I am tired. Serve me water I enter. Clean apartment. Return f sure.
2021-02-26 01:34Tim Says:
The real person looks me beautiful than the picture shown, she is very warm and friendly, and The massage is very skilled and professional.
Thank you very much f your excellent service today. Girls friend feel 10. Thank you. Overall 9.5/10
2021-02-06 01:14Love0606 Says:
real person look me prettier than the picture shown, she is very warm and friendly, girlfriend feel is good ,place is easy to find, and easy to packing. room very clean and nice
2021-01-31 17:39Does Says:
Xin chen has a pretty face and good body, good attitude and service, would highly recommend. 10/10
2021-01-22 23:25John07 Says:
She is a beautiful girl and considerate. I personally think her massage technique is good, powerful, location easy to find and clean. Got me parking lot and finish massage she gave me a hug and left! 100%Girl friend feel ! Highly recommend to everyone!must return back!
2021-03-25 23:48Knn Says:
Niama honest la lj
2021-01-12 19:28Ray Says:
Been visiting her f many times. she is my main ML as she always does a awesome job.
She looks me ggeous in real life. She has a sweet smile and could break the ice easily.
Place was easy to find. Room was kept very tidy and clean.

Body not much i can say cause it is GOOD 10/10

Massage was good has enough strength very comftable 9/10

Teasing i will say it is my favite part i just love how she tease 10/10

HJ was fantastic 10/10

Overall the experience was out of this wld. LOVE IT !
2021-01-04 22:15Silly boy Says:
A sparking gem in the town, just like the name, she just like the sparking star on the sky. Stunning skill bring you higher than heaven. Do visit her befe she left.
2020-12-13 13:58Anonymous Says:
Typical point of sale transaction with many physical restrictions. Overall, it was merely a satisfacty experience without any gratitude after receiving my money.
2020-12-05 04:10Don Says:
2021-03-25 23:49Bukeyi Says:
Yes bro totally agree, use phone all the way
2020-11-30 00:58Huohuo Says:
Hi admin can register my number?
2020-11-25 22:09TheOneRocks Says:
Doesn’t reply message
2020-11-18 06:33GoodStuff Says:
Have visited her a few times. The location is convenient and place is clean & hygienic. Massage is good and sensual even better.
2020-11-16 13:28xmm Says:
Bad service look 5/10
2020-10-16 12:04平凡 Says:
2020-10-13 15:02寂寞大叔 Says:
真人比照片美。聲音很甜。很會說話。親切友善。態度好 服務好。絕對值❤️❤️
2020-09-05 15:52Darling Says:
Location easy to find, Clean environment, Xingchen is a sweet girl, pretty and good attitude. Not time watcher with tip top service, will return f sure. she will going back soon, guys don\t miss out, 100% wth the $ u spent.
2020-09-05 14:51内射伯 Says:
2020-08-21 08:01MR F Says:
She was great, gentle, sweet and cute. Massage was brilliant, and she does her bbbj, that gentle lick, makes you want to make love to her
2020-08-08 18:06 Says:
2020-08-08 18:05 Says:
这小姐姐真的很好,第一眼见到就很有感觉 那种恋爱的感觉
2020-08-06 18:30Hans Says:
Very arrogant lady.. Msg don’t reply. Never book befe though. Never plane befe too.
2020-07-27 10:27J Says:
人美聲甜 照片絕對是本人。親切友善 服務很棒。按摩舒服。已經約過3次。還會再去。每次去玩都念念不忘。一句話~ 爽!
2020-08-07 01:13小米 Says:
2020-02-11 20:05Danny Says:
She look more chubby in the video, can anyone confirm if she is chubby or skinny?
2020-10-25 23:41Jake Says:
Slight plumb but looks fine
2020-02-11 19:57Benson Says:
Can blow load in mouth?
2021-01-07 16:22Andy Says:
Cannot why the heading is massage and cim?
2020-09-28 16:12very hungry Says:
cannot bro
2020-01-26 23:56可怜虫 Says:
Try messaging her, but I think she not working today?
2020-01-26 23:25John Says:
Good massage and seducing blowjob with handjob good attitude very nice ice breaking,one of the best massage service here
2020-01-14 16:00Ben Says:
Very sweet girl with a pleasent vibe!

She is very cheerful and her smile make my day. Service is good. Will return
2020-01-13 16:56Phi Says:
Please register my mobile number.
2020-01-07 15:49爱你3000次 Says:
Gorgeous Lady, pro as usual, Tip top service with good attitude. Lack of words to describe how fantastic she is but I book tmr session straight after today service, can’t wait to meet Star again. Miss you 3000 times
2019-12-28 18:38Nick Says:
Definitely not a landmine! Had alot of photoshop photos all around but she is looks 95% as photo.

Location is discreet. House is big and clean.

No regrets and have already set next appt with her.
2019-11-26 13:27Daniel Says:
She is indeed a gem. From all the reviews here. Definitely not to miss

Set an appt with her. Upon reaching her apartment. Clear instructions given. Fast hand fast leg go up.

Very pretty girl! Cute as well. Place is clean and towels are clean.

Service is excellent. Will return.
2019-11-18 22:11Darren Says:
My first FR on momo net.

Eye on xingchen after seeing so many positive reviews. Voila! Got a slot from her and proceed to her location via instruction. Clear cut. Not wasting time telling you to go all around. Convinent for driving bros.

Clean and bright apartment. Clean bathroom and towels. No musky smell indoor. Unlike some MLs they have the musky smell.

Service is great and her smile capture me. She is a candid girl. Sweet too.

Will rtf soon. Had actually book another slot with her before leaving.
2019-11-13 14:22Addie Says:
Wow! Is the only thing I can think of right now. Pretty and cute girl with good figure.

Clean and bright apartment with good size shower. Good location. Definitely will return to her for more!
2019-11-02 11:51Jj Says:
2nd visit for xing chen. Decided to write her a review to give her some justices.

Looks:definitely 80% same as photo
Place: clean bathroom and hygiene towels
Service: excellent

She is really a sweet girl when she smile. Will carry on to visit her.
2019-10-31 18:21Benson Says:
Just left her place. Definitely a gem.
2019-10-30 22:14Derren Says:
Hi admin.. I try to text her few time. She don’t even reply my message. Can help to book? Thanks
2019-10-17 14:13987987 Says:
All review are true as spoken. Location is convenient. Place is clean and she stays alone in the apartment.

Service is excellent. Will rtf definitely.
2019-09-11 18:3090909090 Says:
Went ahead to contact xing cheng via wechat. Was lucky to get hold of a last min slot as another bro aeroplane her. Instructions given was clear. Went ahead to location.easily access by public transportation and have ample parking space. Proceed up and to my amaze she looks 95% same as photo. Went in and she stays alone in a apartment. Toliet was clean, plus point to me as she bothers to do housekeeping. After which was for your to experience. After deal done. She had a small conversation with me and offer me a cup of water. As time was near. I left slightly early so she can get some time to rest and tidy up for next bro. Take care of her. Definitely will rtf.
2020-12-06 01:48qwerty Says:
last line, last sentence. so tell us, wat is \"rtf\"?
2020-01-31 19:08David Says:
Which line says fuck job? Enlighten me.
2019-11-14 22:47Shawn Says:
Stop lying idiot she dont have fuckjob so is rtm...
2019-10-02 10:57Johnny Says:
Where is her contacts?
2019-07-27 21:20Lonelyboy Says:
Stardust is a very special girl that you will never forget after first meet. Her finger and oral skill is the best I ever had. She learned Japanese recently. For bros who are fancy about Japan AV, you can ask her to speak Jap to you, world class enjoyment
2019-08-28 23:31 Says:
2019-06-24 21:59大李哥 Says:
2019-07-02 10:13wt Says:
2019-06-09 15:50YW Says:
I was surprised when the door open, Star really look same as pic shows and even prettier than that. quite chatty, will talk to me just like gf massage quite good, HJ & bbbj was fantastic man, tip top service, gfe 100%. thank you star gave me a wonderful night, will return for sure, bros pls taking good care of her

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